Network of Asia-Pacific Sleep Specialists

2016 NAPSS Honolulu Conference


 Successful Honolulu Conference

The NAPSS Annual Honolulu Meeting Conference, Global Sleep Medicine: East Meets West on Saturday, March 5, 2016 at The Queen’s Conference Center, was another success thanks to insightful speakers and generous vendor support.  This program was approved by The Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists for 6.0 CSTE continuing education credit. BRPT CE Program# 18p20162   Approval # 509216.

For the first time, NAPSS was honored to host two high schools students who are interested in sleep health and medicine.  One student is an intern in a local sleep laboratory and the other started writing her senior paper in her Junior year on the impact of sleep less nights and sleep deprivation.

Aloha and Thank You!

Linda Castro, Clinical Operations Manager – Sleep Center at The Queen’s Medical Center (Facility reservations, refreshment coordination)

Fisher & Paykel

Sleep Center Hawaii DME

Jazz Pharmaceuticals (Presenter and Meal sponsorship)


Philips Respironics

ResMed (Presenter sponsorship)

2016 NAPSS Honolulu Photo Gallery

Christine Kapothanasis, L.Ac, Dipol. O.M., Kai TCM Clinic, HI presented “Chinese Alternative Medicine for Sleep & Pain”

Marc Raphaelson, M.D., MD, FAAN, FAASM, SleepMed Inc, Leesburg, VA presented and “Helping Patients Get Needed Care for Sleep Disorders: The Physician Order is Not Enough” and “Understanding and Managing Excessive Daytime Sleepiness and/or Cataplexy in Narcolepsy”




Acupuncture demonstration for insomnia and pain.

Nathan Tseng, L.Ac, Dipol. O.M., Kai TCM Clinic, HI wraps up presentation on Chinese Alternative Medicine for Sleep & Pain, including Acupuncture, nutrition and allergy testing, and Chinese Herbs.


Christine Fukui, MD, Niolopua Sleep Wellness Center, Manakai O Malama Integrative Healthcare Group, HI presents “Sleepless in Honolulu” management of insomnia.









Michelle Sheehan, RRT, RCP, Regional Clinical Specialist, ResMed, San Diego, CA presents “Adaptive Servo-Ventilation for Central Sleep Apnea in Systolic Heart Failure – SERVE-HF”.




Hamming it up for the camera!